I Wanna Be A Producer: Episode 1

Some (few) of you might be wondering who is this Phil behind Phil’s Film Links!

I’ve started a new vlog (please God there must be a better term than this!) to chronicle my path to produerdom. I’ll be posting bi-weekly updates on YouTube, with an article here.

I’m still getting my vlogging (argh!) skills in check, so at the moment it is a bit simple.

Feel free to comment either here, on twitter or on YouTube itself.

Learning from the best – Ridley Scott speaks

There’s a cool YouTube channel I’ve stumbled across.

The FilmSchoolComments channel has commentaries pulled from DVDs or extras, but, it’s pretty cool because finding these extras is not always easy.

These are the commentaries that got me interested – they are from Ridley Scott. These 9 (!) commentaries cover a wide range of filmmaking topics.

Great stuff!

Research paper into the YouTube ad model

If you are seriously interested in the state of internet video advertising then you have to read the research paper published over on the BlueMatrix website.

The paper is a very comprehensive study about the state of things and the future growth potential of YouTube ads. It includes a look at TrueView, the evolution of YouTube’s ad targeting.

Fascinating, if dry, reading.

Behind the scenes at AwesomenessTV

I like to see business focused articles on building up a production company, and this article from Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek is great. It talks to AwesomenessTV founder Brian Robbins, and also gives a nice history of YouTube.

The article focuses on YouTube’s growing sector of original Youth entertainment. It breaks down the top 30 YouTube ‘Networks’ and includes comments from such leading YouTubers as Freddie Wong (who inked a deal with LionsGate a few months ago).

Giving it away for free increases Python revenue by 23,000%

It is proven, time and time again, that giving stuff for free builds good will and in the end that means it builds customers and generates revenue. It is a numbers game of course – if only 100 people in the world will want what you’ve got then giving it away for free is a problem.

But, if you happen to be infamous comedy troupe Monty Python then giving it away – comedy sketches curated, branded and officially uploaded to YouTube – is worth a mint.

Eye popping results available in this article from Fast Company

YouTube: Captions = Increased Traffic

Interesting video that, while it doesn’t directly address indie filmmakers, definitely gives us some good sign posts for our content.

In a nutshell: adding captions to your videos increases traffic. Yes, captions are a pain in the tookus but YouTube does seem to pull them in and use them as part of the general SEO for your entry. So… get to it!