Great Collection of Videos from the Film4 Innovation Forum

I haven’t heard much being said about this, so, even though it’s a bit late I think it’s worth mentioning.

Back in 2014 Film4 hosted an Innovation Forum which did an indepth look into the films ‘Frank’ (which I love!!!!) and ‘20,000 Days on Earth’. There is a page about the event here, but, I want to hilight the below-linked article which summarizes the day and gives you a series of amazing video links to talks from the event.

This kind of insight into real-world experiences is hard to come by in this business.

Can you do a ‘crash’? Ishiguro on writing

Kazuo Ishiguru did something rather remarkable when he needed to produce a follow up to his Booker Prize shortlisted novel ‘An Artist of the Floating World’. The book he would write would be come ‘Remains of the Day’.

HOW he wrote it is rather incredible. In his interview with the Guardian Ishiguro details what he and his wife called ‘The Crash’: write 6 days a week from 9am to 10pm with short breaks for lunch and dinner.

This got me thinking – there is this pain of what we used to call ‘context switching’. That is, jumping from one task to another. I tend to do this a lot, partly as a symptom of my increasing ADD and my (diagnosed) decreasing mental capacity caused by certain issues. But, I also recognise that when I force myself – and at times it is outright painful – to sit and work for longer stretches I can get into the zone. It is one of the things I love about writing (it’s hard to do it with anything else).

When I was completing my last feature script I did a similar thing – I sat down and cranked it out. Of course, my script did not reach the quality of Remains of the Day, but, whatya gonna do?

Anyway – here’s the interview with Ishiguro. I hope it inspires you.

Keeping on top of your screenplay’s structure

Over at IndieFilmAcademy website Jason Buff looks to have taken a few minutes away from the golf course to give you some screenwriting tips.

I include this video here not because it is ground breaking or mind blowing, but because it is practical! It is basic advice that we need reminding about. Some of you will watch it and go ‘no, my screenplay is completely unique and wonderful, I don’t need to do this’. If so… I wish you luck. It is going to be a tough sell.

Anyway, enjoy. (And they seem to have lots of other good videos over at this site, so click around!)


Notes from the real world – Scriptwriting insights from Tom Williams

Tom Williams has a film coming out this month. And, to celebrate, he is writing some columns. Tom is a working, produced screenwriter. To that end, he is someone worth listening to.

This article sounds like the first of several, which is good news. It’s nice to hear someone who is doing as well as talking about doing.

25 tips on writing mystery

I loves me a good mystery! It is a dying art, as it seems that flooding the screen with bloody and body parts has taken over everything! But, with a clever mystery a screenwriter can forge a career. Please write me a low budget one to film!

Over on the cleverly titled blog is an article that gives 25 great points to remember if you dare to master this amazing genre.

The title of point #6 alone is worth the click through!

5 great reasons to write for low budget films

I, and every other producer, am always always looking for clever scripts that are written with a low budget in mind.

If you have one then contact me!

But over on I found an old article that articulates the benefits – as a screenwriter – of trying to write a few low budget scripts well.

It’s good reading and I hope it inspires you!

Writing to budget – 7 things writers need to know

I am researching production and budgeting and came across this article from TheWritersStore.

A good writer needs to know what the implications on budget each line of his (or her) script will have. This articles lays out some of the basics and also has a very interesting section on errors and omissions!

I think this article is a ‘must read’ for screenwriters and producers!

1 Page Film School: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Now this is cool.

Editor¬†Vashi Nedomansky seemingly has an obsession with Raiders of the Lost Ark. He has compiled what he calls a ‘1 Page Film School’ about the landmark Lucas/Speilberg picture. He has assembled video clips and PDF downloads that cover many aspects of the production (and post-production) of the film.

It is incredibly informative to get this information together in a single place and it is especially great that this is all from an industry, not fan, point of view.

Well done, Vashi!


Emma Thompson on Screenwriting – Article and Audio!

Over on the IndieWire blog they have a great feature on Emma Thompson’s recent talk at BAFTA. I think it is often overlooked that Thompson is not just an actress but also a more than capable director and screenwriter.

The piece has some transcriptions, but, for the real goods scroll down to the bottom of the article where there is the complete audio of the speech! Awesome!

I think it should be a great resource for any screenwriters out there!

About the process – writing a feature

Cool article over on¬†about the writing process behind ‘Jerry‘, a low budget film. It’s nice to get a glimpse behind how other people come up with the idea and worked it up into a movie.

The article itself is pretty light, but, it is a teaser (I guess) for a book coming out about the process.

Still worth reading though.