Fake it ’till you make it – 20 Tip from Raindance on faking indie auteur

WARNING: Sarcasm ahead!

That should be at the top of these pair of articles from Raindance programmer Susanne Ballantyne. I fear that people won’t understand that these articles – oh lord I hope! – were written to make us aware of the cliche’s thousand of indie filmmakers proffer up on screen every year.

As I am going to the Raindance Film Festival I hope to be able to avoid such films as this, but perhaps Susanne is actually warning me. Time will tell.

Anyway, it was a two parter, both of which I’ve referenced here. The points are painfully accurate and at times I, like every other indie filmmaker, have been guilty of them.

Read on… if you dare!

Be wary of falling in love – with your ideas

My friend Elliot Grove over at Raindance has a great article about the dangers of passion. Not the bunny-boiler kind of passion but the kind that all too often sinks our objectivity as filmmakers.

I could add that these 4 points could easily be transferred to the music business or the software business (the two other places I have intimate business knowledge through toil and trouble).

Elliot always writes articles that summarise our plight as tightrope walkers between art and commerce.

Do yourself a favour – try not to lose all your work

God bless Elliot Grove over at Raindance for writing this article! As I was reading it I realised that I hadn’t configured the backup for this very website!

The article is ostensibly pointed at filmmakers, but in truth it is for anyone who uses a computer. Rule #1 check your passwords Rule #1a BACKUP.

The one thing that is missing from the article is mentioning Dropbox. Recently Dropbox upped it’s storage (I now get 1TB for the price I was paying for 1GB) and I can back things up from all over the web directly to my dropbox using OAuth authentication. Awesome.

But otherwise, please, for the love of GOD, read this article and act on it.

Raindance / LondonWebFest announcements today!

Coming up later today is a live stream announcing the official selections for this years’s Raindance Film Festival and the related LondonWebFest… including the first British Independent Series Awards

Exciting times for indie web series producers!

You can catch the live stream and other goodies here (I think).


Just Do It… Great ‘getting started’ motivations from Raindance

I am an unabashed Raindance lover. And, for full disclosure, at the moment I am enrolled in their Postgraduate Film Degree program.

But, all that aside, Raindance founder Elliot Grove has come up with a great article that really summarises what you can do to get off your ass and become a filmmaker. This is the kind of advice I wished I’d not only had, but actually followed, when I was younger! Like…40.