Listen: Sound is the most important part of your film

I have mentioned this several times already in the short life of this blog, and I know I will mention it dozens of more times:

Sound is the most important part of your film

And I have found a brother in arms over at They are running an ongoing series on making your film. They are up to part 20(!), where they discuss sound.

Writer Chris Hood covers the whole gamut, from on location production sound, to looping, to scoring, to track separation.

It’s an awesome read!

After the film is done…talking about selling

Over at they have a new article about selling your film.

This is an area that most filmmakers fall down at. There are 3 stages in a movie

  1. raising the money
  2. making the movie
  3. selling the movie.

Stage 2 is the easiest. Trust me.

And filmmakers can be ok with Stage 1, as it really is all about convincing other people of your passion to make this.

It’s stage 3 that is the killer. I think there are a few reasons for this. A lot of it comes down to burn out. After making the film your brain tries to tell you it’s all over. And you’re tired of the film.

So, the FilmmakingStuff article – while basic – is the kind of thing you need to read to get you off your ass. There are some good points in the article.

A different kind of Ice Bucket Challenge – the cold waters of Hollywood

Over on ‘The Pirate Times‘ (a site dedicated to uniting the various pirate factions – not ‘ar, me mateys’ pirates like in Somalia, but the other kind, like they have in Sweden) they have 2 very bold articles from Director Lexi Alexander (who herself has a great blog).

Lexi, I have to opine, is a complete and utter maverick. To have the balls to write these articles is so commendable it makes me want to leave the business in shame. Oh yes, and leave the industry because of the complete industry-BS she talks about.

It has long been known that hollywood is an kind of old boys club, in fairness like many industries, where the people on the inside are either a) so in love with what they do or b) so scared they could be replaced that they try hard to keep the unwashed masses at bay.

part 2 can be found here:

Producer Gary Goldstein Interview

I love this interview (again, thank you FilmCourage) with producer Gary Goldstein.

Mostly I love it for two reasons

He’s a producer.

Producers get overlooked by most people, especially people starting out in the business. They don’t really understand what a producer is because it’s not sexy. People think the movies are all about the director, the stars and the writer (maybe the writer).

This interview shows what we really know to be true: the producer is the driving force behind most pictures. Here Goldstein talks about shopping the movie, well before director or even star is attached.

Goldstein, if you don’t know, is an amazing producer. The one who found and brought Pretty Woman to production. Also, how can you not love a guy who’s first film was Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death starring Mrs Gene Simmons (Shannon Tweed), Bill Maher and Adrienne Barbeau!

It’s The Mothman Prophecies

The Mothman Prophecies is such an underrated movie! It scared the bewillickers out of me when I saw it the first time. Starring Richard Gere, Laura Linney and Alan Bates. Awesome.