I Wanna Be A Producer: Episode 1

Some (few) of you might be wondering who is this Phil behind Phil’s Film Links!

I’ve started a new vlog (please God there must be a better term than this!) to chronicle my path to produerdom. I’ll be posting bi-weekly updates on YouTube, with an article here.

I’m still getting my vlogging (argh!) skills in check, so at the moment it is a bit simple.

Feel free to comment either here, on twitter or on YouTube itself.

Japan’s indies – hope or hopeless?

The Tokyo International Film Festival is on right now, and the inimitable Takeshi Kitano spoke out – as he does.

Takeshi is a superstar here in Japan – where he is known by everyone (literally!) as a comedian and talk show panelist. He is not so known as a serious actor and even less known as a film educator. But he is very outspoken about pretty much everything and at TIFF he went after Japan’s feudal film business. ¬†Joining him – and equally putting the boot in – were Vancouver FF programmer Tom Raynes and Cannes panelist Christian Jeune.

All 3 painted a gloomy picture for indie’s in Japan. Japan’s film industry is a bit of a stagnant pool at the higher levels and a floundering mess at the lower levels.

But, Takeshi hits it on the head – I feel – and points out that it is up to the filmmakers to change things.

It’s exciting reading for those of us over here.