Avoid the obvious: An Italian-Cambodian Gangster film

I’m very curious about the film “Hanuman: Year of the Monkey” that was released in Cambodia on Friday the 13th (of February, 2015).

Over at the Phnom Penh Post (great name or what!?) they’ve got a good write up on the film that definitely leaves me wanting more. Who would not be swayed by this quote:

It’s all unabashedly free of pretention, featuring as much sex and violence as the Ministry of Culture would allow, which means not much sex but quite a lot of violence.

Its a gangster film, which can be fun if they don’t just degrade into mindless torture.

I know nothing about the director – Italian filmmaker Jimmy Henderson, who lives in Cambodia. But, because his circumstances (a foreigner in a foreign land trying to make movies) might be similar to mine, I’m keen to track him down!

In the meantime, enjoy the article and the accompanying photo