Hollywood, Iowa – The Film History of the midwest state. Seriously.

I was first attracted to this article because of the genius title. ‘Lights, Camera, Iowa’ deserves to be either the name of a movie itself, or at least the book the article is talking about.

Instead, authors Marty S. Knepper and John Shelton Lawrence went for the slightly less catchy ‘The Book of Iowa Films’.  They have gone through thousands of movies finding references to the Hawkeye state. (One wonders if Hawkeye Pierce from MASH is one!).  It took them 20 years.

This book is a pub quiz in the making!

The world is a truly wonderful and fascinating place. The fact that I even read an article from the Sioux City Journal really illustrates that.

But seriously. These types of books do seem silly but there is a value in film history.

Please, if anyone reads this let me know. I will wait for the audiobook version.

A film scholar on why we like ‘The Wire’

OK – I’ll fess up and say I have not seen what is touted as the greatest show ever – The Wire. It was shown at a time when I was first out of North America and before digital distribution got around the curse that is the DVD region system.

But, of course, I know of it. And now, as a remastered HD version is peeking over the horizon, film scholar Linda Williams looks into the film with a film scholars eyes. And, LA being LA, the book is reviewed in the LA Times Review of Books. The content sounds interesting, if dry, but the article is a great read for an interesting take on a ground breaking series.

Shane Hurlbut is a preeettty awesome cinematographer

He's shot a load of great looking movies – features and shorts. ( see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shane_Hurlbut#Filmography)

He also is one savvy internet guy. He has a neat members only site called Shane's Inner Circle where he does everything from Camera reviews to tutorials on lighting. 

And it is a bargain at around $8/month.

I don't think that too many top quality, jobbing pro's have such a program. I think it's a good deal.

Check out the trailer…and no I am not affiliated in any way!

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