The real pocket cinema cam – the iPhone 6

I have long been a believer that the iphone not only changed still photography forever, but also filmmaking.

Now with the announcement of the iPhone 6 I think we will see another step up in the revolution. And I am not alone in thinking this. Over at they have an exciting article on this very topic.

We are at a point in history where never before have filmmakers had such access to the tools and the audience. Perhaps someone can see the need for studios, cinema chains, sales aggregators and the like, but, their functionality in the future is pretty hazy!

Get excited. Read this.

Director’s How To – Night in the Jungle

Not too many of us will have a chance or reason to shoot at night in the Singaporean jungle, but, Director Aaron Wilson‘s insightful article on how he did just that – in a tropical storm no less!

Canopy‘ is Wilson’s first feature after numerous shorts shot in Asia and Australia. From what I’ve seen Canopy looks great and has been picked up in several territories – including a theatrical release in the US – after it’s premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in 2013.

Great stuff!

Great little tutorial on the power of the dolly

Over at they have a great little tutorial – a taster for their camera movement program available on – on the uses of a slider or dolly to track a subject.

Sometimes it’s the little things like this that can powerfully summarise thoughts on directing.

Well done guys – I’m going to look at the full course!