Lots of suffering children…coincidences on IndieGoGo

I stumbled across this (well made) IndieGoGo Campaign:

About a couple of guys from Toronto who are making a short film based on Stephen King’s short story ‘Suffer the Little Children’.

My first question, which they do not address or answer, was ‘how did they get the rights to THAT?!’

The next thing I noticed was that the url was ‘suffer-the-little-children–2’. Hmm, I thought. What was the first one? I thought for sure it would be a campaign about children in need somewhere in the world (as it is, let’s face it, a pretty awesome catch line for raising money for disadvantaged kids).

So I modified the url to just ‘suffer-the-little-children’… and here’s what I found!

ANOTHER short film, ALSO from Ontario – though this time from Burlington, which is about 30km from Toronto. And this filmmaker claims to have the rights to make the same Stephen King film into a short. (Granted he says non-exclusive rights, but at least he mentions it!).

So, I’m writing this just to say that here are some important factors – I think – for any crowdfunding campaign:

  1. Stake your claim – why your film and not someone else’s
  2. Show your pedigree – can you make a satisfactory film? Have you done so in the past
  3. State your sources – if you are basing this on another work, do you have the rights? I could start a crowdfunding campaign saying I was making a Star Trek film….