Don’t reheat the Leftovers – how to make lukewarm TV

So, even though I live in an Eastern country, and don’t have a TV (by choice!), I do like to keep up to date on popular shows in North America.

To that end, I watched the premiere of ‘The Leftovers’ a pseudo sci-fi show from HBO that has just finished Season 1.

I am the target demographic for this show I think. I loved Lost (one of the show runners of that is co-running this), I love sci-fi TV. I love ‘The Walking Dead’.

But, Leftovers is a disappointment, even from the first episode.

I feel the show falls down at the premise – 2% of the world population disappears. And starting on the 3rd anniversary we watch a group of people cope with the loss. The problem, for me, is that every year almost 1% of the world’s population dies. People cope with loss all the time. Ok, this is ‘unexplained’ and ‘random’, but, after 3 years, loss is loss. I think the show is about America’s inability to get over 9/11. Those people who ‘disappeared’ on that day are still a raw wound, even 13 years on.

The show revolves around characters (of course) but those characters are cliche TV hunks and hunkesses, brooding their way through the interminable strife of living in a world where one day a few people disappeared. (Sarcasm). I wanted a show that portrayed an altered America. But if anything, given recent events in places like Ferguson, the America in Leftovers is a safer, calmer place, not more terrifying.

And to be honest…come on with the title. What is the thing you eat when you are too lazy to cook? Leftovers.