A day in the life of an assistant editor

You can totally see why the public at large has no idea what anyone’s role is that is involved in making movies and tv, beyond the director and screenwriter. Most people in the industry couldn’t tell you either!

Well, I stumbled across this weird blog call ‘Early Call Time’ that has an interesting look at what an assistant editor on a tv show does every day. It’s a nerdy insight into logging and project handling.

We need more blogs like this, that give real world examples and insights into the processes and tools that are needed to complete a professional product!

Stop the presses! The best tech video on Crop Factor, ISO and Aperture

I don’t claim to know a lot about cameras and photography. But I am doing lots of research on this, and know that I need to understand it.

I am also a data nerd but I have always been confused by the numbers and also how and why different sensor sizes changed things.

Well, I have found the best video ever for this. It is truly amazing how Tony Northrup gets down to the math and explains not only what everything means, and the impact, but also how to compensate for it. Yes, you CAN get amazing output from smaller form factor cameras, if you understand the math. I never knew the math (but always knew light was the issue).

If you want to make movies, or take photographs, you MUST watch this video. It’s long (about 35 minutes) but it will change your photographic life.

Thank you, Tony!

Dolby Vision – HDR video that will change your viewing experience

With all this talk of 4k (and 8k) RedSharkNews.com says we are being distracted from the really important new visual technology – HDR (High Dynamic Range) TV – the first implementation of which is Dolby Labs ‘Dolby Vision’.

The article makes a compelling case for this technology and I would love to see an example! Perhaps I can find one here in Japan? I don’t know – but I’m going to investigate further.

Hero 4 in October 2014?

There’s buzz around that GoPro will release the Hero 4 before the end of the year and perhaps in October.

The same article seems to be making the rounds (bizarrely in only Christian-focused websites!) that says the following

  • October 2014 release
  • $499.99 price tag
  • Unlikely to affect GoPro stock price (which is the most alarming!)

So…unsubstantiated, so take it as you will.


4k from iPhone

This article has me a little bit confused. I don’t understand  – and this article doesn’t fully explain – how it is possible to get 4k from the iPhone’s decidedly non-4k sensor. But, it is interesting reading none the less.

The app in question is too much for me to buy to see if it’s true, but, the lower cost version is an excellent product if you are shooting video on the iPhone (though I personally use Filmic Pro).

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! For all I know it’s a scam!

New crop of 4k’ers from Panasonic

4k really is the buzz-format of 2014. With the Panasonic GH4 and the Sony A7s things heated up earlier in the year.

Now a new crop of cameras has come out at Photokina, the photography Messe in Cologne.

It seems that nothing is in the same sector as the GH4 and A7s, because there are no interchangeable lens and the like, but these cameras are lower cost and still pack some pretty exciting features.

Over at NoFilmSchool.com they’ve put together a nice page with sample videos and specs.

Personally I am chomping at the bit to get a GH4, but, these ones look nice too!