Pulpix – great looking way to enhance content

Rarely does something just seem to hit my sweet spot (apart from chocolate and a great red wine). Pulpix is such a thing.

I’ve seen other enhanced video content services, but I am loving the way Pulpix looks and it’s ease of use (and price! It seems to be free!). I’ve installed it over on philsmy.com. So we’ll see what happens.

I think that easy to use enhanced content will dramatically change the way we see and use videos – both as publishers and consumers. Not just to monetize, but to link to other sites, videos and resources that go further into the topics I discuss. I can really see how something like this could help my online courses that I want to deliver.

Way cool.

Very exciting piece of equipment – M4/3 lens on your smartphone

Olympus have released the Olympus Air which is basically a fancy blue tooth transmitter that hooks onto the back of ANY Micro 4/3 lens. It transmits the photo or video to your smart phone where you can use a suite of apps to capture it.

There are some exciting possibilities here.

First, the lensĀ is not physically attached to the phone, meaning that it can be placed (almost) anywhere and controlled from the app. This opens up an exciting array of camera positions (especially for those of us shooting in small spaces like Japanese apartments!)

Secondly, it allows you to use any M4/3 lens, or, with adapters basically any lens out there! I can use my vintage Canon FD lens with a M43 adapter and take video using my iphone.

We truly live in exciting times.

Article and video below. Sorry, Charlie, this is only available in Japan right now (but I’m taking orders!)

A more stable tripod slider

This post is really all about the enclosed video. It is a very cool idea – and simple, as the best ideas usually are.

The problem: you put your slider on your tripod. But at the ends the weight of the camera causes great instability leading to either the worst case scenario of the tripod falling over or at the very least the camera dropping down and not getting flat slides.

So, the clever clogs over at Konova have come up with a do-hicky (for want of a better term) that you can use to give additional supports to your slider from a single tripod.

It is very cool. I want.

Microsoft’s HoloLens…not just for games

This article is, sadly, just about app and gaming applications for Microsoft’s Hololens.

But hopefully (and I’m sure it’s happening) people are looking at how these things can be used for media outside of games.

I’m always questionable about the mainstream future of things like this for dramatic content, but, one day I will be proven wrong.

From the Red Giant team: Making a short film

Yes, of course this is all promotion for Red Giants fantastic Magic Bullet product, but, this is also highly inspiring and informational.

To showcase their product the people at Red Giant made a short film, Old New

Which is quite funny and visually stunning.

But, they’ve also released a BTS that is even longer than the short and shows some of the work behind it. It’s fascinating that they made this with an inexpensive camera and lighting rig. Just great acting, locations, directing and post-production.

Inhale this and then go and see if you can beat it!

And in case you need more motivation to plop down the cash for this, here’s the promo reel

Amazing Masterclass in Guerilla Shooting (on a GH4!)

Sherif Mokbel has shot a great little short film using a Panasonic GH4.

But, perhaps more important to the world of indie filmmakers than his finished project is his incredible generosity in detailing every aspect of this shoot, from planning to post.

This is a one page on-set masterclass. I truly learned a lot about process and technique from this post!

Thank you Sherif!

Oh, and the film looks great.

Viva ADR!

I’m a fan of ADR. I’ve never believed that it is not practical for low budget. I’ve used it myself on 3 shorts.

John Hess over at Filmmaker IQ gives us a nice historical and practical video about the subject, including some tips. I think he glosses over some of the nitty gritty – especially room size and reverb simulation – but, for 12 minutes its a pretty solid intro.

What is the world coming to? Amazing VFX package for $299?

Ok, I know I know. I said I wouldn’t talk about sales or things like that. But, there is this amazing VFX package called HitFilm. They have version 3 coming out in a few weeks. Version 2 is already pretty bloody amazing.

I think it is incredible to think that for $300 or so you can get something that, honestly, will rival some of the best VFX packages out there. There will, of course, be subtle things – and it’s the subtle things that create the truly realistic and stunning VFX – that you can’t do. But, for short filmmakers and indie features it’s hard to see how this thing can be beat.

Well worth having in your arsenal.

5 skills as an on-set filmmaker in training

Over at DSLRVideoShooter, Caleb Pike has a good video covering some basic things to be aware of as you are starting out as an assistant on set. The video and article is too jargon-laden for my tastes (as jargon is terribly offputting to newcomers and I find that most of the time jargon is used to show how cool you are.) But, jargon aside, I think Caleb has some good points.

The video is a little superfluous as the points are on the page, but, if you’ve got 13 minutes to spare then you can pick up some bonus goodies by watching.