Hi. Thanks for coming to this site.

I don’t know how you ended up here, but I’m happy about it – and I hope you are too!

The Site

I started this site because I found I was enjoying compiling the links I found every day while doing research for my masters. Every day I would stumble across anywhere from 2 to 20 articles out there on the web that I found interesting. And then I would see that there were little pockets of links – related stories that were going on – and I wanted a way to put those together.

I started out on Google+ pages, but, you can only feature one link per post there, and you can’t do nice things like embed images or links so I thought it time to start something of my own.

Everything on this site is hand curated by me – no robots! So some days theres a lot, some a little and on very rare occasions, nothing, because I am either travelling, there was no notable news or I was just too grumpy to write. Hey, it happens.

About Me

My name is Phil Smy. I was born in Canada, to British parents. That gave me a fine education in not talking about my feelings, which naturally led to me pursuing a life in music. After many years doing that (I’m still ‘doing that’ on occassion) I went into the software business and travelled the world.

Along the way I discovered filmmaking and over the past few years I’ve been cautiously dipping my toe into that pond. I find I like producing the most, so that is my chosen path at the moment.

Right now I am enrolled in the Raindance Postgraduate Degree film program, which is great.

I live in Sendai, Japan(!), but travel a lot, spending time in England, Germany and Canada.

Hit me up if you want to chat about anything.


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