The Perk Problem: How not to run your Crowdfunding Campaign

If you want an example of how NOT to do your perks, you can look at the┬ápotentially enthralling documentary about the legendary Bob Moog – basically the inventor of the synthesizer.

See the campaign here: link

You’d think a documentary like this would be backed in a few days (as per the Frank Zappa archives documentary). But it’s not. With only a few days to go they are only at 40%. I blame this on the perks. (And yes, of course it’s possible they will reach their goal).

The Perk Problem:
1) Poorly written perks. The perks have way way way too much info in them. Each perk gives you a short history lesson about some facet of Moog’s history. Just tell me price and perk!
2) They have given ‘clever’ names to the perk levels, which is not unusual, but the way they have done it is to name them after a real world thing. It appears at first glance that you will GET the thing they have named it after as the perk. (eg: for $10 you have THE REALISTIC MG-1
(Moog-made, Realistic-branded 2-VCO monosynth with simple poly section, c.1981-1984)). You don’t.
3) They make #1 even worse by saying things like (on the $25 perk): PLUS receive THE REALISTIC MG-1. They mean the perk called the MG-1, not the real world thing called the MG-1.
4) Horrible delivery times. For $25 you get a digital copy of the film. This is an awesome perk price point and normally I back every film I am interested in if they offer this perk. BUT, here they tell me:
“* Please note: digital release date may be up to 1 year later than the theatrical screening premiere.”
Are you kidding me? I have to wait 1 year after the cinema release to get something I helped you make?????
Are you saying that you won’t give it to me because of piracy concerns? So, you’re happy to have me fund you, but don’t trust me with the result.

I feel for these people. They want to make a documentary. They have the access. But for some reason they just don’t get what people are looking for in a Crowdfunding campaign nor understand how to create a sense of trust and community.

See the campaign here: link