Very exciting piece of equipment – M4/3 lens on your smartphone

Olympus have released the Olympus Air which is basically a fancy blue tooth transmitter that hooks onto the back of ANY Micro 4/3 lens. It transmits the photo or video to your smart phone where you can use a suite of apps to capture it.

There are some exciting possibilities here.

First, the lensĀ is not physically attached to the phone, meaning that it can be placed (almost) anywhere and controlled from the app. This opens up an exciting array of camera positions (especially for those of us shooting in small spaces like Japanese apartments!)

Secondly, it allows you to use any M4/3 lens, or, with adapters basically any lens out there! I can use my vintage Canon FD lens with a M43 adapter and take video using my iphone.

We truly live in exciting times.

Article and video below. Sorry, Charlie, this is only available in Japan right now (but I’m taking orders!)

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