This will change nothing: inside Studio manipulation of VOD

Great whistleblowing article over on TorrentFreak about the state of things in the relationship between VOD services and the Studios.

What becomes abundantly clear is that major studios are in a monopoly position, capable of making outrageous demands. This is a system based on complete disregard for the consumer or concern about the quality of the product. That in and of itself is not unique – many industries are like that – but we like to fool ourselves into thinking that filmmaking has something (even if just a little) to with creating good to great art.

Be clear – if this is the studio method of operation then why would you, as an independent filmmaker, choose to be part of it? Because you want to work with A-list stars, win an Oscar, have a high budget?

At this point I have given up on that dream and decided instead to focus on a ground-swelling of production that targets the customer (crazy idea!) and not the sales pipeline.

Anyway, I digress.

Please read this informative if blood-pressure-raising article.

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