Quagmire: Europe’s Digital Single Market plan

Variety has a further article about the proposed changes to Europe’s content and copyright laws (called DSM – Digital Single Market).

Everyone is up in arms about it. Well, almost everyone.

Producers don’t like it because it cuts out pre-sales to many small territories. Pre-sales, historically (I hate to say ‘traditionally’) were a way of funding films in advance of completion. The issue seems to be that because Producers want the same (if not more) money from each territory only a big company will be able to afford buying the rights for all of Europe.

Crazy Idea #1: If your film was truly worth it then a small company could issue a promissory note that a bank would loan against. Loaning against receivables is common in other industries.

Small distributors don’t like it because, well, they are small and regional and can’t hope to serve all of Europe.

Crazy Idea #2: Producers could find many small distributors and let them work in the area they are good at. Contractually limiting distributors to regions is, again, commonplace in other industries.

The only people silent on this are the big boys like Amazon and NetFlix. Everyone else’s inability to innovate a new solution to distribution is playing right into their hands.

Great article. Stay informed.

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