FilmRiot’s Epic Summer: ‘Real Gone’

I am a huge fan of Ryan Connolly and what he has done with Film Riot. He is probably responsible for thousands of people trying their hands at indie filmmaking. So blame him.

Anywhosit, he has this ‘Epic Summer’ thing going on and the latest offering is the Connolly-produced short film ‘Real Gone’, written and directed by¬†Seth Worley (@Awakeland3D).

The film is funny and a great example of what can be done in a weekend.

First, watch the film.

Then, because it’s FilmRiot and they love that behind the scenes stuff that shows you have to actually make a film, they’ve got 3 BTS episodes too!

These types of things are invaluable – for a couple reasons. First, of course it is great to see what they did, how they got the shots, etc. But, for me the bigger benefit might come in the form of inspiration and showing that you can do something so great on a shoestring budget.

Thanks Ryan and co.

Check out the BTS shows below.

There’s a whole whack of other content… click here to do the search on YouTube.

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