From the Red Giant team: Making a short film

Yes, of course this is all promotion for Red Giants fantastic Magic Bullet product, but, this is also highly inspiring and informational.

To showcase their product the people at Red Giant made a short film, Old New

Which is quite funny and visually stunning.

But, they’ve also released a BTS that is even longer than the short and shows some of the work behind it. It’s fascinating that they made this with an inexpensive camera and lighting rig. Just great acting, locations, directing and post-production.

Inhale this and then go and see if you can beat it!

And in case you need more motivation to plop down the cash for this, here’s the promo reel

IndieGoGo and Vimeo partner to help indies

IndieGoGo has been a leader in film project crowdfunding, and now they’ve partnered up with Vimeo. In exchange for being the preferred video platform for the crowdfunding site, Vimeo will pump up to $1M – mostly through matching funds – into projects raising funds on the site.


The Hollywood release model fuels piracy

Over at TorrentFreak they – once again – point the Hollywood’s antiquated release model as a primary cause of piracy.

The MPAA came out and said that there were lots of legal sources for digital content. True… but not CURRENT digital content.

TF has the numbers and details. Great read, but it will not change the patterns of Hollywood. Sadly.