Think therefore I shoot: The 18 Best Philosophical films

Sometimes you can’t help but love a good list. Over on the ‘Taste of Cinema’ blog I discovered this one, published last month. This is not something I would normally think about (ha ha!) but, it is interesting to me that almost all of the movies on this list I have seen and loved. It includes one of my ‘desert islands’ movies (I would go to a desert island with a nice theatre setup): Woody Allen’s Love and Death.

Other highlights, for me, include Rope, The Truman Show and Being There  – all personal favourites. (As an aside, Being There capped an amazing decade for director Hal Ashby who made 7 remarkable films in the 1970s)

These movies are all inspirations to me and films that I would turn to as guides for writing. Good idea, actually!

So, grow a beard, stroke your chin, light a pipe (of tobacco) and ruminate over this amazing list of movies. Oh yes, and watch the movies.

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