Small town girl does good – behind indie film MLE

It’s been a while since I did a local news spotlight. This one struck me becauseĀ Sarah Warren is from my neck of the woods – Southwestern Ontario. I don’t live there any more and I don’t think Warren does either, but, it’s always inspiring to hear stories of people who have managed to take a bigger view of the world than their humble beginnings (though the Great Lakes are not so humble or little!).

Warren’s feature is called MLE and premiere’s next week – January 24th – at London’s Southbank as part of the London Comedy Film Festival. The film is written, directed and stars Warren. Other people get some screen time too, including Paul Haggis and Mike Figgis. (Warren only features directors as actors, it seems, and especially if their name has a double consonant).

The article below – from local Canadian news – shines a light on Warren’s background and the making of the film. Enjoy, and, if you’re in London next week go give it a view!

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