Another view on the future of cinema – and are indie’s their own worst enemy?

And it ain’t pretty for independent filmmakers. Of course we get a lot of these types of articles, especially at the end of the year. This one makes some compelling cases for ‘more of the same, but bigger’ as far as the modus operandi for studios.

It’s easy, after reading yet another doom and gloom article like this, to think that being a filmmaker is an exercise in futility. But I have faith that there are a small percentage of viewers who want films that we as indie’s can produce. As long as we can find the audience, or help the audience find our films. Maybe it’s the cold medicine talking, but, I think there’s room – if we focus on making films that people want to see.

I’m very tired of indie films that fall into one of two categories:

1) x number of friends get together and talk about some minor romantic issue/crisis. I think these films come about from the ‘get a group of actor friends together and make a movie’. Actors want to sit and talk. Or stand and talk. Occasionally walk and talk. These scripts are usually painfully underwritten as far as the plot structure goes.

2) Mysterious main character walks around interesting location. This seems to come from ‘I’ve got a cool location but no story’.

I don’t want to see any more films like these two.

Anyway, rant over. Here’s the article. It’s from and it is very well written. But try not to get too depressed.

NoBudge’s 2014 winning films

I’ll hold my hands up and say I’d never heard of ‘NoBudge’ until this posting on NoFilmSchool (as an aside, I now see that using a negative title for your site or domain is in vogue).

I am going to assume that NoBudge focusing on films made without a budget? Or a budgie? Or are immovable? Their ‘about’ page doesn’t give much away. All they say is

NoBudge is an online screening venue for new indie films.

Anyway, they’ve released their awards and it is a good showcase to see ultra indie films to get a feel for the ‘market’. I think it’s important to get an understanding of what people are doing. With the democratizing factor of low camera prices we see all kinds of people expressing all kinds of things on film.

Below is the link to the NoFilmSchool article, but you can also go to NoBudge’s ‘Awards Page’ here (NoFilmSchool has a better looking version of the page!)


‘Sweded’ Star Wars trailer

Funny in and of itself, these people did a hilarious sendup of the Star Wars trailer.

But, to maintain a lick of credibility here, I’ve included this because they were clever enough to release side by side comparisons with the real trailer and a behind the scenes making of!

FYI “Sweding” is where fans remake trailers and films with a really low budget, making their own props and costumes and creatively recreating set pieces.

John Carpenter on Creating a Terrifying Music Score

John Carpenter is cool. I was always inspired that not only did he direct his films but he wrote the scores!

Recently Carpenter gave an interview to NPR ahead of his latest solo album(!) release. Carpenter goes into the nuts and bolts of composing scary themes.

The formula for making millions on YouTube

Happy New Year!

This article slipped through the net last year – it’s a great feature on Huffington Post about YouTuber DevinSupertramp (i.e Devin Graham). It goes into his simple (!?!) formula for his success on YouTube. And a mighty success he has had. He’s probably making at least $250,000 just in Adsense revenue alone on his YouTube channel.

Read, learn, improve.