NoBudge’s 2014 winning films

I’ll hold my hands up and say I’d never heard of ‘NoBudge’ until this posting on NoFilmSchool (as an aside, I now see that using a negative title for your site or domain is in vogue).

I am going to assume that NoBudge focusing on films made without a budget? Or a budgie? Or are immovable? Their ‘about’ page doesn’t give much away. All they say is

NoBudge is an online screening venue for new indie films.

Anyway, they’ve released their awards and it is a good showcase to see ultra indie films to get a feel for the ‘market’. I think it’s important to get an understanding of what people are doing. With the democratizing factor of low camera prices we see all kinds of people expressing all kinds of things on film.

Below is the link to the NoFilmSchool article, but you can also go to NoBudge’s ‘Awards Page’ here (NoFilmSchool has a better looking version of the page!)


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