Because Indie’s are doing so well… 25% increase in SAG rates

I can picture the process.

The board of directors of SAG-ACTRA – the actors union – sits around and says “should we make people pay us 25% more?”. Unsurprisingly, they said yes. (This is like politicians voting on their own pay packets!).

Slowly but surely SAG will chip away at what was once heralded as a chance for low budget films to use better talent without violating the sacred SAG rules. All of this is a mystery to me. It’s not like when you hire actors you are sending them down into a coal mine (except when the script calls for it!). It’s acting. I’ve never understood the need for a minimum wage. I can’t see the upside. Yes, you are guaranteed more money, but where you can work becomes limited (in some cases severely).

Anyway, if you need a better written article about it, without the bias, read the attached piece from

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