About being a photographer (and filmmaker) – the great Scott Kelby

I think there is a lot of overlap between photographers and filmmakers. In my opinion, practically, photographers have it easier, but, regardless of course there is a relationship. That is why I watch videos and read articles about photography (and animation).

At the 2012 Google+ Photographers Conference Scott Kelby gave a great talk, ostensibly about composition, but in reality it is about being a jobbing photographer. Scott Kelby has been around almost forever and being doing talks on digital photography since, well, the advent of digital photography almost.

This seminar is very inspiring. Scott is open an honest and totally demystifies taking great photos. He also goes into how to arrange your portfolio, how to learn what you love, the importance of subject and much much more.

The video is an hour long.

If you want to know if it is relevant for filmmakers, start at the time offset below and then please, please, go back to the beginning and watch the whole thing.

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