3 Reasons Short Films Get Rejected From Festivals

Noam Kroll dropped a simple blog piece back in September that I missed first time around.

It’s a basic 3 point list on why your film didn’t make it into a(ny) film festival.

Of course the list is grossly oversimplified. There are more than 3 reasons.

I’d add:

4. Your film didn’t fit the festival

If you make a genre film, find genre appropriate festivals. Of course, a great film is a great film, but, you have better chances by matching yourself up. A mismatch (i.e sending your ‘Teens Get Slashed in the Woods’ horror film to the Nonviolence International Film Festival) is a sure fire path to rejection (or in this case, Hell).

5. You gave yourself away too early

Some festivals only take premieres. If you have made a cracking film but you decided to give your New York premiere to the Bronx Short Film Festival then Tribeca might be tempted but will pass. Be aware of the requirements for the festivals you want to get into – and be realistic.

Anyway, here’s Noam’s article

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