What we can learn from the piracy of ‘The Interview’

With all the hullabaloo about ‘The Interview’ it is no surprise that people wanted to see it. But, it is only legally available in the US and Canada.

So, when TorrentFreak writes about the stats of who is pirating it I think we can see that a new global distribution method needs to be in place. When I raised these issues at this year’s Raindance Film Festival several studio people said it was impossible to release a movie at the same time all over the world because of subtitling and windowing and etc etc. I replied – you know how manages to do it? Pirates. The excuse that it is too difficult doesn’t fly – and it certainly doesn’t fly for the public.

When will studios understand that the ‘regioning’ system of breaking the world up into chunks just doesn’t work anymore. Piracy is about access. Not about criminality.

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I am currently a student in the Raindance Film Degree Masters program. This site comes from the research I am doing as I learn more about film production and distribution.

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