Using tech on screen – The Good Wife as case study

One of my pet peeves is when movies use tech BS to either a) cause a problem or b) solve a problem. No 12 year old is going to pull up a chair and figure out a multi-million dollar security system (cough cough Jurassic Park cough cough) or any of the probably dozen of other examples we could quote.

Addressing the issue of how our characters use technology, and how to portray that onscreen, is the subject of a good piece over at ‘TheProvince’. In the discussion is Good Wife greater Robert King. I’ve never seen the Good Wife, but, it sounds like they’ve taken a great approach – show the characters using technology like most of the viewers use technology! And don’t be cute about it.

It’s a good article, full of relevant advice for all of us dealing with characters who live in the real world (or close enough to it 😉 )

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