Turning no profit into non-profit – interesting idea for the future of indie film

There’s an article over at indiewire that, well, I’m not sure how I feel about!

In this article (see below) filmmaker Nick Toti proposes approaching film as poetry (shudder!) was approached and then theatre – by creating non-profits that can accept donations, and give tax credits, and use that money to fund projects. And Nick is proposing this not for 96 hour art films about the colur mauve, but, for scripted, narrative, films.

It’s an interesting idea.

I am not sure how this would pan out. Would people invest? Doesn’t the average person associate film with stardom and riches? Film is not usually the haunt of the starving artist. It is perceived as a commercial endeavour. It is almost like saying you’d run a software company as a non-profit. Almost. but not quite, which is why I am curious about the idea.

Now, where I live (Japan) creating a non-profit is not quite so simple. They are not used willy-nilly like in America. Also, isn’t there an air of defeat in this? Saying that we can’t make money?

Again… I’m just not sure how I feel about it! But I want to follow up.

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