Ryan Gosling wants $7m to be in your indie

Maybe it’s my mood, but, I find this article from the Hollywood Reporter a little depressing. It is all about the spiralling actors fees to be in indies.

To quote:

Five years ago, everything was great. Budgets were small, and actors wanted more interesting roles — so if you had a $3 million movie, they’d be willing to do it for $150,000 or $300,000. But many of those films had a hard time at the box office. As an industry, our reaction has been to make more commercial movies, the sort of movies the studios have abandoned.

What this means is that now there are lots of indie’s pushing up the rates and true indies, in this gone-mad world where anything under $2 million is called ‘micro budget’, are finding it harder and harder to attract top talent interested in ‘slumming’ it for a good cause.

This means we can’t get name talent, and without name talent you can’t get funding and without funding you might as well get a box of old dresses and put a show on in the barn.

Here’s the article that brought me down.

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