A micro-budget winner? Currency shows how it’s done

Brad Rosier is clearly insane.

There are certain ‘rules’ about micro budget films that you will hear repeated by every ‘authority’ on the subject. They are

  1. Limit number of locations
  2. Limit number of characters
  3. Don’t do ‘period pieces’
  4. Limit special effects (VFX)

But, as ‘Currency’ writer/producer/director/editor Rosier points out, there is in fact only 1 rule

Make a good film.

‘Currency’ is Rosier’s first feature. I guess he finished it in 2012 and had some good success – winning 9 awards. (Note to Brad: please put more info on your website!!!) and now – mid December 2014 – the film is available on Amazon and iTunes. I’m trying to find out more about this film because I think it is inspiring and also a good example of how long things can take. Unfortunately

There’s a short interview with him here:

And an press releaseĀ about the releasing of the film onto these two significant platforms here.

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