Kind of comforting… how f’ed up the Oscars process is!

With all these articles about the sorry state of indie film, it’s almost comforting to read that things are messed up at the level of Oscar nominated films too!

In this damning article, author Mark Harris (who’s written some great books on hollywood) discusses why the cool film never wins.

Read and Heed – Another depressing post on the state of indie film

Anthony Kaufman has an article in the print edition of Filmmaker magazine about the state of indie film. He summarises his own article in this online piece for IndieWire.

Kaufman laments the lack of impact that indie films seem to have. Certainly we are in a golden age of TV (though I personally think that with the increasing domination of Netflix this will come to an end) and with such powerful, popular dramas as ‘True Detective’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ (and a half dozen others we could name) what chance does an indie film have of pulling people off their butts and out to the cinema?

An article all indie filmmakers, and wanna be filmmakers/producers should read and heed.

Steven Soderbergh’s commentaries on film

Clever article over on CinephiliaAndBeyond that pulls together a half dozen or so commentary tracks that Steven Soderbergh has done on other DVDs. These range from ‘The Third Man’ to ‘The Limey’ to his own seminal work “Sex, Lies and Videotape”.

There’s always lots to learn from Soderbergh – he is incredibly articulate in his understanding of film and filmmaking. So this page is (another) mini-filmschool!