Listen, Filmmakers – Cory Doctorow is speaking to you

Back in 1991 or so I used to sit next to Cory Doctorow at EFF meetings in Toronto. He will have no recollection of the outrageously long haired, camouflage-wearing techie next to him, but, I do remember the interest he exhibited even then in the concepts of electronic freedom and copyright.

He has shown that passion to the world in the last few years with a number of fascinating and insightful books – like his latest, “Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free”.

Over at they’ve got an interview with Cory where he discusses the impact of the changing marketplace and copyright. Filmmakers – ESPECIALLY independent ones – need to heed his words. We have to know a possible future of the distribution of our work.

It’s fascinating reading. You know, being a filmmaker is NOT all about the creative vision.

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