Stop the presses! The best tech video on Crop Factor, ISO and Aperture

I don’t claim to know a lot about cameras and photography. But I am doing lots of research on this, and know that I need to understand it.

I am also a data nerd but I have always been confused by the numbers and also how and why different sensor sizes changed things.

Well, I have found the best video ever for this. It is truly amazing how Tony Northrup gets down to the math and explains not only what everything means, and the impact, but also how to compensate for it. Yes, you CAN get amazing output from smaller form factor cameras, if you understand the math. I never knew the math (but always knew light was the issue).

If you want to make movies, or take photographs, you MUST watch this video. It’s long (about 35 minutes) but it will change your photographic life.

Thank you, Tony!

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I am currently a student in the Raindance Film Degree Masters program. This site comes from the research I am doing as I learn more about film production and distribution.

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