Is the future of film with Facebook? Twilight competition for female filmmakers

This is rather interesting news, if taken in the context of the evolution of film.

Facebook and Lionsgate are getting together to revive (in a sense) the ‘Twilight’ (gorgeous vampires with a heart of gold) film series. The competition is only open to female filmmakers and is backed by the Women in Film organisation.

I am wondering if other series and other studios will start using the same platform (social media) for rehashing old assets. It is sadly another indicator that indie film is, again, being stomped out in it’s native habitats as the majors realise the power of social media and getting people together.

Lionsgate Reviving ‘Twilight’ Franchise Via Facebook

Lionsgate is reviving its powerful “Twilight” franchise by selecting five female directors to make short films based on the series’ characters.

Selling ‘Indie’ to India

Interesting article coming out of the Zurich Film Festival. The piece centers around Indian indie film ‘Writers’ (which is interestingly enough a narrative picture about indie film writers), but delves into the questions as to why indie films are no longer popular in India, a country with a tight lock on film distribution coming from the major Bollywood studios (I live in Japan, which has pretty much a similar ‘monopoly’).

In India the success of a film revolves around the theatrical release, so (according to those interviewed) VOD platforms will not make a huge difference.

That will have to be seen.

Interesting article about a topic I am watching closely.

Life experience and the ‘Sons of Anarchy’

There’s been some amazing TV series coming out of America recently, and Sons of Anarchy is one of them.

RollingStone has a great feature on Kurt Sutter, the SOA show runner. Sutter has a pretty amazing personal history. I am telling writers and directors all the time that they should be pouring their personal history into their work (either directly or indirectly) and this interview really underlines that.

Whodda thunk it?! Need to ‘sell on quality’ to succeed in films

Sometimes you have to wonder exactly where studio executives have their head stuck.

I can only believe that Man Jit Singh, president of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is a smart guy, who knows a thing or two about this business. So it kind of boggles the mind when you read such bizarre quotes as this:

Home entertainment industry must sell on value and quality to combat Netflix model

Uh….no kidding! And… why haven’t you been doing that up until now? Why did Netflix have to kick your ass before you thought about it.

The story is eerily similar to another story I recently highlighted.

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