Is the future of film with Facebook? Twilight competition for female filmmakers

This is rather interesting news, if taken in the context of the evolution of film.

Facebook and Lionsgate are getting together to revive (in a sense) the ‘Twilight’ (gorgeous vampires with a heart of gold) film series. The competition is only open to female filmmakers and is backed by the Women in Film organisation.

I am wondering if other series and other studios will start using the same platform (social media) for rehashing old assets. It is sadly another indicator that indie film is, again, being stomped out in it’s native habitats as the majors realise the power of social media and getting people together.

Lionsgate Reviving ‘Twilight’ Franchise Via Facebook

Lionsgate is reviving its powerful “Twilight” franchise by selecting five female directors to make short films based on the series’ characters.

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