A discussion on product placement (hint: I’m available)

Over on TheDissolve is an article debating product placement in David Fincher’s Gone Girl (and others). I thought I’d chime in on this.

At the recent Raindance Film Festival there was a panel discussion on Financing and it was interesting to hear this idea: product placement is a revenue stream for independent filmmakers. You don’t have to be Fincher to do it. The example given was interesting: your film has a kid riding his bike down the street and stopping to interact with some other kids. Does it impact the ‘artistic integrity’ of your film to have this character riding a certain brand of bike? Probably not. If your film is going to be seen by a few hundred thousand people [online] (quite possible, even for indies, if you know how to market) then probably a brand will give you a bit of money (and the bike!) to do it.

In the cash-strapped world of the indie filmmaker this kind of thing should be seen as revolutionary. In fact there is an agency now that does just this for indies.

But, here’s the discussion. Also very interesting reading.

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