One pager on film production cycle


Grossly oversimplified but also very clearly written!

Over at ‘The Takes’ blog they’ve put together a single post that will give you an overview of the whole process – from development through to distribution – about making a film. It could be heavier on the NON-shooting side, but, that is endemic with the film world. No one likes to talk about the fact that if you can’t sell your film you really shouldn’t make it. What fun is that?!

Anyway – nice read. This one is a keeper. It’s handy to show your partner too, so they know what it means when you say ‘I’m going to make a movie’!

Viva ADR!

I’m a fan of ADR. I’ve never believed that it is not practical for low budget. I’ve used it myself on 3 shorts.

John Hess over at Filmmaker IQ gives us a nice historical and practical video about the subject, including some tips. I think he glosses over some of the nitty gritty – especially room size and reverb simulation – but, for 12 minutes its a pretty solid intro.

What is the world coming to? Amazing VFX package for $299?

Ok, I know I know. I said I wouldn’t talk about sales or things like that. But, there is this amazing VFX package called HitFilm. They have version 3 coming out in a few weeks. Version 2 is already pretty bloody amazing.

I think it is incredible to think that for $300 or so you can get something that, honestly, will rival some of the best VFX packages out there. There will, of course, be subtle things – and it’s the subtle things that create the truly realistic and stunning VFX – that you can’t do. But, for short filmmakers and indie features it’s hard to see how this thing can be beat.

Well worth having in your arsenal.

Notes from the real world – Scriptwriting insights from Tom Williams

Tom Williams has a film coming out this month. And, to celebrate, he is writing some columns. Tom is a working, produced screenwriter. To that end, he is someone worth listening to.

This article sounds like the first of several, which is good news. It’s nice to hear someone who is doing as well as talking about doing.

The power of color correction in FCPX aka Larry Jordan is amazing

I will make no bones about the fact that I think Larry Jordan is one of the best educators in the realm of editing and color correction. In this video he goes over the color correction capabilities built into FCPX. I post this in response to people who say you need to get fancy (read: expensive) plugins to do this. (I’ll set aside the amazing Davinci Resolve for now).

Larry doesn’t (seem) to go for flash – he just gives you the tools and knowledge to make solid, great looking, footage. And competent, compelling edits. Go to Larry’s site¬†and get his amazing tutorials. I get no fee – I just love the content!

I’m going to jump to the most amazing demonstration (at the end) but I strongly suggest you watch the whole thing.

I Wanna Be A Producer: Episode 1

Some (few) of you might be wondering who is this Phil behind Phil’s Film Links!

I’ve started a new vlog (please God there must be a better term than this!) to chronicle my path to produerdom. I’ll be posting bi-weekly updates on YouTube, with an article here.

I’m still getting my vlogging (argh!) skills in check, so at the moment it is a bit simple.

Feel free to comment either here, on twitter or on YouTube itself.

Japan’s indies – hope or hopeless?

The Tokyo International Film Festival is on right now, and the inimitable Takeshi Kitano spoke out – as he does.

Takeshi is a superstar here in Japan – where he is known by everyone (literally!) as a comedian and talk show panelist. He is not so known as a serious actor and even less known as a film educator. But he is very outspoken about pretty much everything and at TIFF he went after Japan’s feudal film business. ¬†Joining him – and equally putting the boot in – were Vancouver FF programmer Tom Raynes and Cannes panelist Christian Jeune.

All 3 painted a gloomy picture for indie’s in Japan. Japan’s film industry is a bit of a stagnant pool at the higher levels and a floundering mess at the lower levels.

But, Takeshi hits it on the head – I feel – and points out that it is up to the filmmakers to change things.

It’s exciting reading for those of us over here.

The Crowdfunding Handbook

Over at TechCrunch is a great article – not just for filmmakers – about the economics and approaches of crowdfunding. Again, I and others have hilighted the points mentioned in this article many times, but, you can’t ever hear it too much, because I suspect many of you doing crowdfunding campaigns aren’t doing all of them!

10 (More) Filmmaking Sites you should be reading

Of course, I know you loooovveee Phil’s Film Links, but, there’s lots of good sites out there and this article from PremiumBeat does list 10 good ones. These sites are very popular and to be honest I don’t normally hilight content from them on here because of that – I go for the more obscure references believing that you will be reading these top 10 yourselves!

But, for the uninitiated, here they are!