Romcom – the most successful indie genre?

Over at Vanity Fair (yes, I am reading all the grown up websites today!) is an article about the much maligned Romantic Comedy  – RomCom – genre.

The article argues that most big, successful romcoms were and are usually independent films, or at least produced with an independent mentality (i.e on a low budget). They name check the big ones – My Big Fat Greek Wedding, 500 Days of Summer, etc. MGFGW took in an astounding $214 million AT THE BOX OFFICE (forget about all the other sales channels). 500 Days $60 million.

Does the genre depend on star power? Not really. Romcoms seem to need that special x-factor to grab onto the audience’s heart strings and play the right tune. All romcoms are predictable, but still…they work.

I’m a big fan of them when done right, and I think there is life left in them yet. They’ve been around for 70 years or so, so there’s no reason to think we as an audience are tiring of them.

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