Kickstarter updates Terms and Conditions

Kickstarter has made some tweaks to its terms and conditions to address potential legal issues with failed projects. Basically, to cover their butts. Kickstarter now spells out that there is a direct agreement between the project’s founder/starter and the investor. It is not a triangle with Kickstarter.

Good (i.e. better) summary over at PC Gamer’s site.

Emma Thompson on Screenwriting – Article and Audio!

Over on the IndieWire blog they have a great feature on Emma Thompson’s recent talk at BAFTA. I think it is often overlooked that Thompson is not just an actress but also a more than capable director and screenwriter.

The piece has some transcriptions, but, for the real goods scroll down to the bottom of the article where there is the complete audio of the speech! Awesome!

I think it should be a great resource for any screenwriters out there!

Hero 4 in October 2014?

There’s buzz around that GoPro will release the Hero 4 before the end of the year and perhaps in October.

The same article seems to be making the rounds (bizarrely in only Christian-focused websites!) that says the following

  • October 2014 release
  • $499.99 price tag
  • Unlikely to affect GoPro stock price (which is the most alarming!)

So…unsubstantiated, so take it as you will.


10 tips to getting the Apple Interview Look

Apple, as we know, influences every aspect of our waking life. This extends to the looks of advertising. First it was the ‘glass reflected products’ look, down to interviews which now have to take place in front of a white screen.

Well, you’re in luck because the folks over at PremiumBeat have published a 10 point checklist for getting that white background look.

Sarcasm mode off.

It’s good. Also these tips apply to getting a good greenscreen shot.

Another Gilliam Interview

Over at CulturalWeekly they’ve got a good interview with one of my all time favourite directors – Terry Gilliam. Gilliam talks at length about his latest film – The Zero Theorem – which I didn’t know came through the Project Greenlight process.

It’s a fascinating interview with some good insights.

Knickers twisted – Ireland offended by filmmaker McDonagh

I include this piece simply as a cautionary tale.

It seems that filmmaker John Michael McDonagh was silly enough to voice his opinions about Irish films. Even though he is Irish. And he is now suffering the wrath of the press.

We have to remember that once we have reached any degree of success two things happen:

  1. Your opinions are no longer just opinions. They are something akin to a Sermon from the Mount. And they will be misquoted and savaged
  2. Everyone hates you. Or can hate you as soon as you misstep. The shortest distance in entertainment is that between darling and demon.

Whether you agree with McDonagh or not, the situation is something to be wary of.

TL;DR: Be careful what you say when a mic is in your face

Top Tips from 88 DOPs

Pretty amazing article over on TheBlackAndBlue. The article itself is from 2013, but, I think the comments are still pretty relevant! The article itself is a compendium of answers to a single question given to 88 cinematographers over the years in interviews for American Cinematographer magazine.

That question?

“What’s the Best Professional Advice You’ve Ever Received?”

Great article.


Learning from the best – Ridley Scott speaks

There’s a cool YouTube channel I’ve stumbled across.

The FilmSchoolComments channel has commentaries pulled from DVDs or extras, but, it’s pretty cool because finding these extras is not always easy.

These are the commentaries that got me interested – they are from Ridley Scott. These 9 (!) commentaries cover a wide range of filmmaking topics.

Great stuff!