Nollywood – 50 movies a week, 1 million workers, $590mn a year

It’s not every day on a movie website you get to link to a story from the UN, but over at they have  an indepth-ish look at Nollywood, the booming Nigerian film industry (and yes, I know the article is from last year, but it’s new to me).

The numbers are staggering, especially given the country of their source. Nigeria has a national unemployment rate of 50%, yet Nollywood has over 1 million people working in it. Staggering. And they are churning lots of cash.

This is very interesting to the independent or low budget filmmakers of the world. Nollywood films typically shoot for between $25,000 and $75,000. With high DVD sales (at least 20,000 units per film), they seem to have a winning formula.

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  1. Remarkable indeed. At least 2 or our postgraduate students are investigating what Nollywood is doing right on the distribution side. Sounds like good application / testing for PS Production Company 2.0 Thesis?

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