Michael Moore’s 3rd Tablet – His 13 Commandments of Documentary Filmmaking

I am a fan of Michael Moore. There are several reasons for this. The first is that he shone the light on what was happening in his hometown, Flint, MI, which was a town I had been to many times. It’s only about an hour or so from where I grew up. So I knew the situation. When ‘Roger & Me’ came out it was the first time I, or any of my friends, had probably paid to see a documentary.

With that film Michael Moore changed how documentaries were made and distributed. Like it or not, that is a fact. And it happened because the people responded.

At the Toronto International Film Festival (which has always been very kind to Moore!) he gave a great panel talk about what he thinks it is to make a documentary and what he wanted to see. A kind of manifesto.

I was reluctant to include it here because it has been widely blogged and tweeted, but, I include it because of his point 13, which really is my mantra. ‘Sound is more important than picture’.

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