Low-budget, local, period piece Western, Suspense film…mouthful!

It’s been a while since I did a link to a local news piece about a film being shot. I love these types of articles because they show that the desire to make movies is strong in some people, regardless of their access to funding.

Get off yer azz and makes a movie!

So this piece is from Louisiana. It talks about the shooting of a low budget film called ‘Targeted‘ in¬†Thibodaux, LA. LA means Louisiana, for all you people from Los Angeles.

The piece sounds ambitious! It is a period piece, and uses miniatures for sets and exteriors. I am VERY curious to see how that works out. With changes in technology I think that things we were told to shy away from as indie’s are maybe back on the table. Targeted started out with an IndieGoGo campaign that didn’t get fully funded.

I’m not sure why it didn’t get all the money, but, the campaign video¬†is funny.

Here’s the article, but there is also a Facebook page if you want to track progress.

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