Another sobering look at being an indie – behind the curtain of Tentacle 8

Over on TheFilmCollective blog is a great article written by filmmaker John Chi.

John was the force behind Tentacle 8, an ultra-low budget spy thriller (which looks pretty awesome!). He is open enough to share his anxieties and his approach to getting his film out there. He hit many of the roadblocks that indie’s hit. (And he had a spot of luck with Edward Snowden!). John even naively believed that the shooting of the film would be the most difficult part. As I’ve said many times on here, the shooting is the easy bit!

John took some routes that I would not (especially getting wrapped up in the insanity of the SAG UltraLow Budget Contract). And, while on one he hand he talks about shifting the paradigm, he does, in the end, do things the traditional way. But, to his credit, the film is out there and available. Marketing is tough, and if you are trying to learn it there is a lot to digest.

In the end John did the best thing he could do for his project. From what I have seen he has a great looking film and I think that over time it will build in audience. As a producer, each film can take years of your life. I hope John keeps up the fight!

And I look forward to his next one.


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