It all comes down to the cut… the magic and power of film editing

Over on A Bittersweet Life’s Tumblr is a good article with lots of inline references about the magic and power of editing.

I love to edit – it is one of my favourite parts of the filmmaking process. It’s the time when you take the block of stone and reveal the sculpture lurking inside.

The post references old school editors and whereas I think some of the rules have changed it never hurts to have a good historical perspective on your craft.

Great little tutorial on the power of the dolly

Over at they have a great little tutorial – a taster for their camera movement program available on – on the uses of a slider or dolly to track a subject.

Sometimes it’s the little things like this that can powerfully summarise thoughts on directing.

Well done guys – I’m going to look at the full course!

Hollywood and the dreaded Digital Distribution Model

Good article over on videoink giving us lots of numbers about why VOD is just too big for Hollywood to ignore. Now, personally I don’t think Hollywood IS ignoring it, and in fact they are pioneering some simultaneous release models as well.

But give the article a read, there are some interesting points in there.

Gear Hack! Get 4k from the Sony F5

Over at they’ve got a good interview with cinematographer Paul Ream where he tells you how to re-enable 4k on the Sony F5 camera.

I’ll give it away here, as otherwise you have to listen to a long podcast!

It should be noted that this “hack” from Ream is not actually a firmware hack or some kind of tampering with the camera’s physical hardware.

Instead, Ream figured out that the F5 saves its internal preferences to a simple unprotected .txt file, a file that can be edited to include 4K resolution, saved, and then loaded back into the camera. Essentially, each line in this .txt file controls a different aspect of the camera’s preferences, and line 150 is the one that controls resolution.

By replacing that line (from the F5 preferences) with the resolution settings line from the F55, you can trick the F5 into recording internal 4K.

But, the article contains some other goodies so I strongly suggest popping over and giving it a read.

How to Make a Documentary in North Korea – Award Winner Soon-Mi Yoo speaks

Cool feature over on indiewire. Now, I have to admit to having a high level of curiosity about North Korea, so when I saw an interview with Director Soon-Mi Yoo I was immediately onto it!

Soon-Mi talks about how she pieced together her award winning documentary (it won Best First Feature at the recent Locarno International Film Festival) from found footage, newsreel, and public TV broadcasts from the North, interspersed with her own footage.

It is fascinating reading. Her courage and perseverance really come through.

I can’t wait to see the film, and I don’t say that too often!

A different kind of Ice Bucket Challenge – the cold waters of Hollywood

Over on ‘The Pirate Times‘ (a site dedicated to uniting the various pirate factions – not ‘ar, me mateys’ pirates like in Somalia, but the other kind, like they have in Sweden) they have 2 very bold articles from Director Lexi Alexander (who herself has a great blog).

Lexi, I have to opine, is a complete and utter maverick. To have the balls to write these articles is so commendable it makes me want to leave the business in shame. Oh yes, and leave the industry because of the complete industry-BS she talks about.

It has long been known that hollywood is an kind of old boys club, in fairness like many industries, where the people on the inside are either a) so in love with what they do or b) so scared they could be replaced that they try hard to keep the unwashed masses at bay.

part 2 can be found here:

Using Biometric Data to Measure Audience Emotion

This is a cool little featurette from the July 5th, 2014 episode of BBC’s great technology show, Click.

This talks about using realtime biometric feedback, captured using wristbands, to chart the audience’s emotions. I can definitely see this being used to do audience testing. The exciting thing is that as this technology becomes more available – via 3d printing and open source software – this kind of thing can be used for indie film, not just big budget studio pictures

An(other) overview of the Hero’s Journey for Story crafters and Screenwriters

Recently I gave a speech at my local Toastmasters club on the Hero’s Journey. It’s hard to cover in 5 to 7 minutes, but, I think I managed to give a good overview.

This seems to be a suitable post to cross pollinate from my personal blog to this one.

And yes, I won Best Speaker that night 🙂


Inside popular YouTube channel StyleHaul, and the business model

Another YouTube article, this one from TheDailyBeast and talking about StyleHaul a fashion channel.

Their ad model seems to be very different than the standard one on YouTube. StyleHaul is an adhoc group of YouTubers promoting products.

This video describes the model, from a contributors point of view: