Horse & Buggy companies, er, Hollywood looking to litigate the world

Brutal truth: Times change.

But, I do not think that human morality has fundamentally shifted. I do not think that people – in the case of this article, Australians – have all decided to break laws. People pirate content for other reasons, like because access to the content is so incredibly difficult and expensive.

So, in an unverified leaked memo the powers in Hollywood have their sights set on Australia – supposedly the place with the highest per capita pirates. And Hollywood is looking to fire a barrage of lawyers at the problem.

We know this won’t work. Firstly, because the hard core center of the piracy movement will change technologies and the litigation won’t work.

The smart money would be a TWO-PRONGED approach – litigation in the face of a better, cheaper, simpler system for regular people.

My mother does not want to learn how to use BitTorrent…she just wants to watch TV shows, in her living room in Canada, that are at the moment only available in the UK. This to me seems so basic. Removing territory locks would be a huge step towards ending piracy. And lowering the outrageous cost of a ‘digital copy’ that the small print says you don’t own anyway.

Ok ok… enough of me. Here’s the article.

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