After the film is done…talking about selling

Over at they have a new article about selling your film.

This is an area that most filmmakers fall down at. There are 3 stages in a movie

  1. raising the money
  2. making the movie
  3. selling the movie.

Stage 2 is the easiest. Trust me.

And filmmakers can be ok with Stage 1, as it really is all about convincing other people of your passion to make this.

It’s stage 3 that is the killer. I think there are a few reasons for this. A lot of it comes down to burn out. After making the film your brain tries to tell you it’s all over. And you’re tired of the film.

So, the FilmmakingStuff article – while basic – is the kind of thing you need to read to get you off your ass. There are some good points in the article.

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