A different kind of Ice Bucket Challenge – the cold waters of Hollywood

Over on ‘The Pirate Times‘ (a site dedicated to uniting the various pirate factions – not ‘ar, me mateys’ pirates like in Somalia, but the other kind, like they have in Sweden) they have 2 very bold articles from Director Lexi Alexander (who herself has a great blog).

Lexi, I have to opine, is a complete and utter maverick. To have the balls to write these articles is so commendable it makes me want to leave the business in shame. Oh yes, and leave the industry because of the complete industry-BS she talks about.

It has long been known that hollywood is an kind of old boys club, in fairness like many industries, where the people on the inside are either a) so in love with what they do or b) so scared they could be replaced that they try hard to keep the unwashed masses at bay.

part 2 can be found here:

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