Interesting article here…Simon West ('Expendables 2" director) is going…

Interesting article here…Simon West ('Expendables 2" director) is going to start crowdfunding his next project(s) using the site SyndicateRoom (which I've never heard of, of course). SyndicateRoom seems to be trying to distinguish itself by going after slightly more premium projects and those projects will have been vetted by, and invested in by, 'professional investors' (a term I also have never heard before!).

Both the article and the SyndicateRoom website might be of interest.

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Simon West to crowd-fund action-comedy Salty

I stumbled across this website today

It's called Film Trooper. I haven't dug too deep into yet, but certainly this bit of content is interesting to anyone (read everyone) who has to pitch. It is from the Film Trooper podcast (because we all need another one of those to listen to!).

But, the guy behind Film Trooper seems to have some social capital, and he pulled me in with the tagline Helping Filmmakers Become Entrepreneurs (which of course is doomed to failure on the grand scale, but is interesting).

Give it a listen… there's also a video on the page. 

039: Learn How To Be Good In A Room When Pitching With Stephanie Palmer
GOOD IN A ROOM, STEPHANIE PALMER – PODCAST  In this episode, I interview former Director of Creative Affairs for MGM Studios, and now the founder of Good In A Room, Stephanie Palmer.  Stephanie tea…

Rather scary

IBM is using something called it's 'Social Sentient Index' (SSI) to predict the success of Bollywood films at the box office in India.
To be honest this never occurred to me (and I studied and did some 'machine learning' software for betting!)

The article is chock full of creativity-zapping quotes such as this:
""We foretold with 73 percent confidence based on the predictive model that the movie will have a strong opening,"

Pocket protectors aside, this is fascinating stuff for the number crunchers out there. It is like perfecting a drug formula.

Analytics Plays Hero at The Box Office
IBM’s advanced analytics helps Bollywood film makers predict beforehand the outcome of their upcoming movies.

Another local news story about an indie filmmaker

Travis Long returns to his hometown to film in Effingham's infamous Scrubby's Pub. Kidding about the infamous part.

I include these pieces to show you that there is always a level of support an indie filmmaker can count on for press!

Effingham grad returns to make film
Travis Long says he learned a lot from directing his first full-length feature several years ago.“Kill Me Now was a learning experience, both in shoot

Another interesting article about the Chinese domestic film market

They've finally tweaked it about genre films being low budget, high profit.

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China Focus: China turns to genre films for box office bloom
BEIJING, July 29 (Xinhua) — With horror flick after road movie, China’s domestic filmmaking seems to have found new inspiration for its box office rivalry with Hollywood.

In the run up to his 407th(!) film, a nice interview with the pioneer himself – Roger…

In the run up to his 407th(!) film, a nice interview with the pioneer himself – Roger Corman.
Corman touches on producing topics like budget and finding great titles. Dinocroc anyone?!
The man has been such an influence on most major US films makers, its great to see he style has his sardonic wit and cynicism intact!


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Roger Corman: A Low-Budget Film Legend | Multichannel
Film legend Roger Corman helped launch a new era in filmmaking in the 1950’s and early 1960s, cranking out hundreds of low-budget Drive-In movie classics like Wild Angels, Attack of the Crab Monsters and Little Shop of Horrors. In the 1990s he helped reinvent the low-budget horror genre again …

All to brief article from China (don't worry, it's in English) about how…

All to brief article from China (don't worry, it's in English) about how even larger budget films – in this case  $5 million 3D animated adventure – struggle to get distribution.
It's also a brief peak into distribution in China, which, is where the smart money is going!

An animated struggle – Global Times

Event videomakers are really on the front lines of filmmaking

Looked upon with disdain by 'real filmmakers' and 'journalists' the best of them create stuff that looks good, tells a story and can even be moving.

This is an article about using Magic Bullet Looks (which every editor should own!), but, I think the video in the posting is awesome! Ok, its too long for narrative tastes, but otherwise it's got some great stuff in there! It is a masterclass on shooting a party, grading footage, and cutting it together. This person is either very very lucky or talented.

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Post Parallax
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Interesting list of the cliche'd elements (i.e

the must haves) of Gangster movies.
Lists like this immediately make me think: which elements can you change to come up with a twist on the genre, but still in the genre!

Nine Elements of a Gangster Picture (2014)
Here is a list of Nine elements you can expect to find in a classic Gangster Film: 01) Characters mainly immigrant 02) Story takes place in a City 03) You can only gain power by taking it 04) No loyalty to the USA: but only …